✿・Demon Wings [3D Asset] (FREE IN NITRO)

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PREVIEW IMAGES ONLY SHOW A SMALL SAMPLE OF THE AVAILABLE TEXTURES. Please join the server and DM me if you want to see more. There is a full set of rainbow colors and 30 pastel colors, then black, white, and brown.

This package uses has both Dynamic Bones & Phys Bones variants. The Blender file and Substance Painter file used are also included. A UnityPackage is set up with all 280 textures and several metal variants.

I will do custom textures! Please read below.


- FBX & Prefab

- 180 Pastel Color Variants, 16 Monochrome Color Variants, 84 Rainbow Color Variants, & 11 Maps and Masks

- Silver Metal, Gold Metal

- .blend, .spp, .unitypackage

- 3 Sample Materials

- 16 pose animations per wing variant (see below)

- 16 hue shift animations per wing variant (see below)

Shapekey animations will be added in a future update. With toggle creation tools rising, these are low priority.

There are animations included intended for a 4-axis puppet. These animations assume a specific naming structure: variants of these animations are included for common base naming structures. You may run into issues if your naming structure is not the same as the animations. These are case-sensitive:

Capital Variant. Works for Pandaa's Female Base, Onion's Female Base, and many other common bases:

- Armature/Hips/Spine/Chest/Demon Wings by E.C.H.O [Normal]

- Armature/Hips/Demon Wings by E.C.H.O [Low Hanging]

Lowercase Variant. Works for Toribase:

- Armature/hips/Demon Wings by E.C.H.O [Low Hanging]

- Armature/hips/spine/chest/Demon Wings by E.C.H.O [Normal]

There are also hue-shift animation examples using this same name structure.

If you want a color not included, or want the veins/spine to be a color instead of black or white, join the Discord Server above and ask! Additional textures are free if you want less than 10 color variants, so long as they can be included in this product listing as well. A fee will be charged if you want them exclusive. This fee will also be charged if you want more than 10 textures, regardless of exclusivity.

♔ Dependencies

  1. Dynamic Bones Package- Poiyomi Toon v7.0.046- Dynamic Bones v1.3.2
  2. PhysBones Package- Poiyomi Toon v7.0.046- VRCSDK3-AVATAR-2022. (This is a beta. If updates are needed, this will be updated as well.)

♔ Credits

This model was created completely by scorchedE.C.H.O. You can find all of their TOS at the top of this page. You cannot use any of the paid assets for anything outside of this model without purchasing them from the original artist, i.e. you cannot asset mine this asset from a finished model.

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Last updated May 19, 2023

Demon Wings Asset

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✿・Demon Wings [3D Asset] (FREE IN NITRO)

7 ratings
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