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✿・Amaranthine [3D Avatar]

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The first image is a Blender render and not an accurate representation of the avatar in-game. Please refer to the second through the last image for in-game pictures.

All avatars sold after January 1st, 2022 now come with a 6 (six) month "warranty". Any and all issues found with the Avatar, whether caused by E.C.H.O or VRChat updates, will be fixed until this "warranty" is over. The "warranty" does not begin upon purchase; rather, it begins upon release of the Avatar. You can find the expiry date on the right side of this page, underneath the versions & purchase button.

Purchases made after this "warranty" expires do not guarantee a functioning avatar and the purchase is made at the customer's own risk.

"Popular demand" avatars will receive updates and fixes beyond this date if needed so long as demand for the Avatar continues.


Phys Bones Jiggle

- Hair, Boobs, Tummy, Thigh, Butt, Fins, & Tail

NEW: Avatar Dynamics Features

- Fully functional phone system with most toggles & settings [music player in a future release]

- Touch toggles for all SFW toggles located on the avatar itself

- Head pat & Boop detection that overrides facial animations (Headpat enables a heart particle system by Gemini!)

- Grabbable scythe that uncollapses when you are holding it

Clothing & Accessory Toggles

"T" denotes a touch toggle, "P" denotes a phone toggle, and "M" denotes an action menu toggle.

- [M] 4 Outfit Presets!

- [MTP] Shirt, Bra, Top Fishnet, Bottom Fishnet, Skirt, Arm Straps, Leg Straps

- [M] Panties & Pasties

- [M] Gold & Silver Metal toggles

- [MTP] Fins & Tail toggles

Settings & Mute Features!

"P" denotes a phone toggle, and "M" denotes an action menu toggle.

- [PM] ASL Hand Gesture Toggle [Disables Face Animations]

- [PM] Disable Facial Animations

- [M] 7 Idle face types (does not affect expressions!)

- [M] AFK & Mute Badge to show when you are AFK or muted

- [M] Mute Board with letters, symbols, and more than 120 preset phrases

- [M] Full Locomotion v5 menu & emotes menu

- [PM] Lighting settings: Toon, Realistic, & Flat

- [PM] Lighting settings: Monochromatic lighting (Unaffected by world lighting!)

- [M] Lighting settings: Brightness slider for when you are too bright or too dark!

3.0 Features

- 5 preset Skin Tones

- Hue Shift on a toggle so you don't shift on accident. Affects Hair, Tail, Fins, Eyes, Scythe, Touch Indicator, and dissolves on toggles

- DPS Toggles for 13 Orifices & Futa (DPS & Non-DPS) (it's seamless!)

- VRLabs Marker with the ability to attach drawings to parts of your body

- Cam's Throwjoint Pro 3.0 [Currently unreleased; included with permission!]

- Axolotl Plushie you can hold in either hand, have on your head, or place in the world!


This model was created using assets from other 3D artists. You can find all of their assets and TOS below. You cannot use any of the paid assets for anything outside of this model without purchasing them from the original artist. Click on their Discord Tag to be redirected to their Store.

Body & Futa: とりにゃん#1295

Head: nikkie#0088

Hair & Body PBR Textures: flexuh#0001 & WetCat#6969

Eye Texture & Hair Textures: Mowster#9962

Body Texture Edits & Futa Texture Edits: Monarch#0666

Fins & Tail: FormulaRats#5942

Shirt, Fishnet, Bra, Skirt: Nicolas Guerra

Panties: とりにゃん#1295

Hair, Leg & Arm Straps: Gelw0#1000 (Nitro)

Heart Particles: Gemini#4086

Scythe: Blu3arrow Productions

Phone: Lod#0741

Axolotl Plushie: ɥɓıH#6676

Locomotion Fix: WetCat, AlcTrap, Dj Lukis.LT, INYO and Gireison

Marker: VRLabs

Mute Board & ASL Gestures: Kēgan#3428

Icons: Ringtailed VR & Uni#1369

AFK & Mute Badge: Gab#6111

DPS by Raliv with toggles generated by Fluff Toolbox

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Last updated May 19, 2023

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✿・Amaranthine [3D Avatar]

11 ratings