Alvira [3D Model + SDK3]

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NEW: Dependency Reminder & Welcome Screen by Cam!

A preview Cam's Dependency Manager script that tells you the required shaders

This helpful script will run automatically on import and remind you which dependencies are required for this avatar! If you forget them or need to download them, a link will appear so you can download them.

Links to my Discord server & website tutorial will also appear in case you need more direction!

Don't care for all the features below? 16 VERSIONS to choose from with varying amounts of features, ranging from all of the below to toggles & settings only:

Visual chart indicating all versions available in the UnityPackages.

NEW: Avatar Dynamics Features

- One-press quick toggle for all clothes at once

- Headpat & Boop detection that overrides facial animations

- Shocked & Angry expressions triggered by pulling the ears or tail

- Blink if someone touches your eyes!

- Sound effect if your butt is hit

- Improved Plushie System with Follower! Once enabled, it is completely usable with avatar dynamics. Pass it between your hands or place it on your head; others can grab it and do the same! Drop it in the world by opening your hand and it returns to follower mode.

Alvira holding her cute bat plushie!

Clothing & Accessory Toggles

- 5 Outfit Presets!

- Boots, Choker, Dress, Fishnet Bodysuit (Upper & Lower), Fishnet Rings, Fishnet Stockings, Glasses, Harness, Beanie, Hoodie, Jacket, Leg Straps, Shorts, Gloves, Socks

- Panties (two versions) & Pasties

- Horns, Demon Tail, Wings, Cat Ears, Cat Tail

Settings & Mute Features!

- ASL Hand Gesture Toggle [Disables Face Animations] & Disable Facial Animations separately

- 7 Idle face types (does not affect expressions!)

- Mute Particles that show when you are muted (toggleable!)

- Keyboard by KillFrenzy with OSC app to communicate via text

- Full GoGoLoco menu & emotes menu

- Lighting settings: Monochromatic lighting (Unaffected by world light color!)

- Lighting settings: Brightness slider for when you are too bright or too dark!

3.0 Features

- Skin Tone Radial

- Hue Shift Radial for the clothes

- Hue Shift Radial for all emissions

- Audiolink toggle

- 4 eye colors per eye & a hue shift radial to create the perfect color

- DPS Toggles for 13 Orifices

- Modded VRLabs Ambidextrous Marker

- AppleVR's Spring Joint system

- Strance's SPS System with a Knife & Shuriken

- Bat Plushie you can hold in either hand, have on your head, place in the world, or let follow you!

- Crop & Flog that you can swap between hands!

- GPU Particles by Quantum & JustSleightly!

♔ Credits

This model was created using assets from other 3D artists. You can find all of their assets and TOS below. You cannot use any of the paid assets for anything outside of this model without purchasing them from the original artist. Click on their Discord Tag to be redirected to their Store.

Base & Head: nikkie#0088; edits by minki#1515 | Tattoos: wen#4076

Eye Textures: Douji#1350 * | Hair: beryvee#0679, kri#1214, Saikura#0006

Cat Ears: Jess#5678 | Cat Tail: minki#1515 * | Wings & Tail: wen#4076 * | Horns: Lily#2345 *

* (Edits by E.C.H.O)

Full Outfit (minus credited below): Eggly69#6969 & Design by Lye-Rin

Dress: Cupkake#6666 | Boots & Leg Straps: HoloExe | Beanie: Captainrattail#4978 *

Fishnet Bodysuit, Rings, Stocking, Harness, Pasties, Panties 1 & Choker: Vinuzhka

Bra & Panties 2: Pursu#6500 | Glasses: LensError#3144

* (Edits by E.C.H.O)

Heart/Mute Particles: Gemini#4086 | Bat Plushie: wen#4076

Start Screen/Dependency Checker: Cam#1959 | GoGoLocomotion

Marker: VRLabs * | ASL Gestures: Kēgan#3428 | Keyboard: KillFrenzy#7777

DPS by Raliv generated by Fluff Toolbox | SPS by Strance

AppleVR's SpringJoint * | GPU Particles: Quantum#0846 & JustSleightly#0001 *

* (Performance Modifications by E.C.H.O)

Promotional Material by clikk#6571

Modeling by QTlottie#9956

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Last updated May 19, 2023

Ready to Upload VRChat 3.0 Avatar

Avatar Ranking
Very Poor
3.0 & PhysBones
Unity Version
Upload Size (Full Version Only)
Estimated VRAM Usage (Texture & Mesh)
66mb - 74mb
Polygon Count
159,841 - 213,502
Warranty Expiry Date
November 19th, 2023


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Alvira [3D Model + SDK3]

4 ratings
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